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This is really well done. The animation (while simplistic) is very fluid and cute while the story is also very beautiful and sweet. It was a good video to share so thank you.

I love the sound of this so I'm following.

This deserves the front page. This is really well done and you should definitely feel proud of it.

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Surprisingly poetic. Pure genius. You have gained a follower on Twitter on this day.

Got to admit, that was well made and kind of enjoyable. The main character was obviously a bit of a dick XD but everything else was great. You two are awesome and I would be interested in seeing more, even if I don't have any money what so ever, I will support in the ways I can.

TeamTailnut responds:

Hey man, thanks a ton for your kind review!
Haha yeah, Pigglet is certainly not a hero character... But he has a funky hairstyle, and that's what counts, right? :D
And thanks again for your support - voting, faving, sharing and spreading the word, it all helps a lot <3 There will also be a public version of Quidget the Wonderwiener soon, so stay tuned and stay funky!

Thanks for playing!

I'm sorry, it just won't load so I can't judge this.

BatouWH responds:

click on the screen when it "loads" (when you see the blue circle and wh tan on the center) in fact there is no preloader.

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The second the music hit my ears all I could say is you are awesome and your music is amazing

Yahtzei responds:

Haha! :D you're too kind. Thanks a lot ^^

This is wonderful love it keep it up

Jabicho responds:

Thanks so much! :D

Somthing about this song is just so awesome I love it.

HarraH responds:


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I love her, she is so gooooooddd! Also, I love the reflection of Spyro in her eyes.

I love this picture too much.

MLeth responds:

I'm surprised at how many people actually noticed the reflection of Spyro! Thank you!

More futa plz:3

Also, amazing as ever. Happy Halloween, Biff.

Definitely the best version <3

Hi! I'm Silver128. I like games, art, music, making people happy and helping people. If you need help or just want someone to talk to, I'm always available. I like to support anyone I can so just ignore most of my faves. Single ;~;

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